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1998: Here comes the new kid on the block. I’m born in a small town in the Philippines on the 17th of August. I remember wishing I was born in December only because I enjoy the holiday season so much. Didn’t work for me. Ah, tough days.

1999:  First word alert. And I thought there wasn’t any word better to say than my own name, which is, you guessed it: Chia. True form of self-love right there, kiddo.

2001:  My mom thought I have successfully self-taught myself to read at the age of 3. Once while she was reading a book to me, I started reciting words in advance when she hasn’t even turned the page yet. Plot twist, I only had the following page memorized and could recite it out loud. Upon learning about this, even I myself was literally shook.

2002:  I actually started reading for real. Like, for real this time.

2004:  Participating in a kiddie pageant wasn’t something you’d assume of me, but I’ll let you in on a little surprise: I actually won one during this year. Quick fact, the bouquet of flowers I got from the judges was something I appreciated more than the trophy. I’m not even kidding, I would carry it around the house on a daily basis. What was this kid even thinking?!

2005:  I started acting and joining plays in school. I learned how to fake-cry and  thought it was the biggest achievement a person could ever attain.

2006:  I started falling in love with diaries, journals, and writing. Imagine if I hadn’t developed an interest in writing? Yikes, even the thought of it is horrifying enough.

2010:  I won my first writing competition. And so the journey begins.

2011: At 13, I launched my first blog under Blogspot. I thought theteenybopper.blogspot.com was an amazing blog url. Oh come on, let a tween have fun.

2013:  Two years later I realized I should probably change the name of that Teeny Bopper blog. Couldn’t think of anything so I ended up closing it instead. Dark times, dark times.

2015:  I finally moved into the city, Manila, and became one of the student radio jocks at a local radio station, Mellow 94.7. I was active for a year or so, but then college happened and the sched got a little too messy.

2017:  Attempted another blog (chiasamson.wordpress.com) and then eventually ran out of energy because it wasn’t getting too much hits. It’s still accessible but I’m taking it down real soon.

2018:  I started re-branding The Maya Girl into the blog that it is now (the domain was originally my mom’s but due to her busy schedule she had to give up the blog, and so I acquired it). I had to reset the entire thing, and then began designing the website from scratch. HTML here, CSS there. The coding definitely got a bit overwhelming at times, but it was definitely worth it.

2019:  I’m now the author of this lifestyle, beauty, and identity blog, The Maya Girl.




I’m beyond happy to finally have an online outlet where I could share with you the things I value the most: lifestyle choices, beauty, and personal identity. Figuring life out seems a little tough, and don’t worry, I’m in the same process, too. But in this blog, we can explore and find it all out together. That is why to create a place that radiates inspiration and kindness is something I have always wanted to do, and now it’s here! I hope you enjoy reading through my posts as much as I had fun writing them. See you around!

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