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    The Minute Makeup

    Here’s the thing: mornings aren’t for everyone. Or at least, some struggle with it more than others do. Maybe you didn’t hear your alarm the first time and completely missed it. You couldn’t find that white halter top you’ve been wanting to wear that day. Your coffee’s a little too cold. Let’s see, you forgot your earpods so you had to come back home to fetch it. Or maybe you woke up on the wrong side of bed and just really aren’t feeling it. It’s okay, we’ve all been there—and I got you.

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    Tips & Tricks: Here’s How to Achieve that No Makeup Makeup Look

    All the other beauty gurus sure are going to get all crazy at what I’m about to say… Would you believe me if I tell you that it only takes me 7 to 10 minutes to do my makeup each day? Tell you what, I’m obsessed with the no makeup makeup trend just like any other gal. It keeps my face looking fresh and simple on a daily basis. No need for all the crazy layers of foundation. Definitely no baking situation required. And because of the reason that I fortunately don’t have too much acne on my skin, it saves me so much time when I’m preparing for the day.

    With this, I have come up with a list of tips and tricks on achieving that natural look.

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    Pick Up a Skincare Routine Today and Thank Me Tomorrow

    Four years ago, I would’ve told you skincare wasn’t something I’d most likely to prioritize. Choosing the perfect routine for my skin wasn’t something I worried about at 16. In fact, I had myself believing that soap and water as my go-to facial care was enough. But as your typical teenager who munches up on junk food quite a lot (even I couldn’t resist the temptation of a good slice of pizza, duh) and wouldn’t exfoliate regularly, I had no idea how these bad habits could affect the skin. Thank goodness that at the age of 18, I finally started realizing the importance of proper skincare. And that’s when I observed change right away.

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